Hot Power Yoga

Inspired by Baron Baptiste this yoga class will transform your body and your life. With temperatures in the mid-nineties, movement and breath work will take you through your physical body to explore your mental self. This practice will be thoughtful, challenging, and leave you feeling open and accomplished. All levels are welcome!

Yoga Tone

Yoga Tone will offer a chance to amp up your workout routine while continuing to deepen your Yoga practice. This high-energy class will unleash your inner power, boosting your metabolism and toning your body from head to toe. We will move through traditional Yoga poses and compound strength training movements with optional weights to build deeper strength and long lean muscle throughout the entire body. Here you will find a balance of strength training, cardio, and flexibility!


(Non-Heated Yoga)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:30

Connect movement with breath in the non-heated 45-minute "lunch break" class.  "Yinyasa" strategically combines Vinyasa flow to open the class and get your body moving, flowing, and building strength. We will end with 15 minutes of "yin" or deep, restorative stretching to release the morning and move into the rest of your day feeling energized and open! 


Fridays 5:30pm

Home of the infamous $5 Fridays! It is highly recommended that you sign up online prior to class. This class gets packed and sweaty, perfect way to detox before your weekend.

*temporarily canceled due to current crisis*

99 Fortin Rd Kingston RI 02881

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